A national spiritual awakening …
"Behind the evil in our country is a spirit that works in this world. We will never be able to eradicate or oppose it except through God who is Spirit."

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A Christ-centered perspective

In the article "A picture guide to good preaching", one of the principles was that a sermon should be Christ-centric (or Christocentric).

Readers have asked us for more information on how to create a sermon that is Christ-centric. We have recorded a reading of the essay "Forgiveness - a Christ-centered perspective" to illustrate this principle in practice. You can read or listen to this essay to get a practical example of how to be Christ-centric.

We also have a second video example: “Aan wie se kant is God?” (apologies to our English readers - it's only available in Afrikaans).  In this example, a few ways that people try to use the Bible to promote their own agenda (similar to the "kapstok preek") are mentioned, and then, in conclusion, an excellent Christ-centric position is made.

We trust that these examples will help you to better understand the principle of being Christ-centric.

Lastly, there is also the “Saviour - Sermon” test: a test of whether a sermon is Christ-centric or not, is when the congregation's response afterwards is "What a Saviour!” rather than "What a sermon”.


In case you missed...

BIG Change. In the context of BIG Change, the key to our success may be a national revival, or said differently, a large-scale spiritual awakening. Such a spiritual awakening is not new to our country. In 1860, there was a revival...

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