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Book release: The Eschatology

From the Creation Sabbath to the Reality of Heaven

By Prof Francois P. Möller

A practical workbook for Christians that gives a balanced and reliable examination of the doctrine about the end times, including:

  • the signs of the end time as Jesus explained it to his disciples;
  • a discussion of the contents of Revelation 11:1-19: a chapter in which the Bible expresses in a very unique manner the conflict between light and darkness and how it concluded in the actual victory of salvation granted by God; and
  • the new heaven and earth that are the eventual destiny of all believers - “... and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it” (Ecclesiastics 12:7).

The climax of the creation story is not the creation of human beings on the sixth day, but the day of rest that follows with its connection to God’s eternity and glory.

The book is available electronically (in PDF format) and contains self-assessment questions making it especially suitable for personal bible study and/or to be studied in small groups.

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