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"Behind the evil in our country is a spirit that works in this world. We will never be able to eradicate or oppose it except through God who is Spirit."

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A Christian must always bear in mind that Christian living consists of two sides.

Firstly, an indicative: a truth that is a fact. The fact of what God did for us in Jesus Christ, our truth in Jesus, and the truth of the Holy Spirit and His powerful working in us.

But there is also another side: an imperative: the command from God to us that is our responsibility. This is a command: “Pray in the Spirit on all occasions …”.   Paul wrote in Romans 8: “Therefore, brothers, we have an obligation … because those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God” (verses 12,14).

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Second semester 2023 registration is open
  • Approved BTh and DipTh applicants and existing students can register now and pay your required deposit by 14 June 2023 for your study material to be prepared and dispatched before the winter recess (23 June - 17 July), giving you a head start during the semester.
  • Get 5% discount on your semester’s module fees if you pay 60% of your total semester fee (excl book & delivery fees) by 2 June 2023.
  • Get 10% discount on your semester’s module fees if you pay 90% of your full semester fee up-front (excl book & delivery fees) by 2 June 2023.

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In case you missed...

The baptism in the Holy Spirit in perspective. Listen to an audio recording of the essay by Prof Hattingh, watch a video of the essay being read, or read it yourself.

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The Eschatology book. Prof Francois Möller has written a practical workbook for Christians that gives a balanced and reliable examination of the doctrine about the end times.

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